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DBA Canada is pleased to have assisted in funding important research in Diamond Blackfan Anemia. 


Dr. Johan Flygare's project entitled "Targeted Corticosteroid Therapy for DBA".


Vijay G. Sankaran, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School,  Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA for the project, “Dissecting the genetic architecture of Diamond Blackfan anemia.” The goal of this proposal is to mine whole exome sequencing data to identify novel genes responsible for ....



DBA Canada donates $10,000 to the hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in support of Dr. Yigal Dror’s research on Diamond Blackfan Anemia.  


DBA Canada supports Dr Dror and Omri Arbiv in publishing his manuscript. A study titled “Molecular analysis and genotype-phenotype correlation among patients with Diamond-Blackfan anemia.” This is the first Canadian study that looks for associations between DBA mutations and patient characteristics. 

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