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Diamond Blackfan Anemia Canada

Support for patients and families living with DBA. Our mission is to find a cure through funding research, and to provide support and resources for Diamond Blackfan Anemia patients and their families. Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) is an extremely rare, severe anemia of childhood for which there is no cure. It is Estimated that there are only 25-30 new cases diagnosed in Canada every year. Due to the rarity of the disorder very little funding is provided by the government for research. We are a registered charity with the Canada revenue agency. All donations we receive come from the generosity of families friends and corporations. 

Our Diamonds

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What Happening Now

Jack’s Fight for a cure 2016 - now adopted by DBA Canada, JFFAC is the largest and longest running fundraiser for Diamond Blackfan Anemia in Ontario raised over $71,000 for DBA research. On November 11th 2016 we will host our 4th Gala event. This Gala dinner will include a sit down dinner, entertainment, casino, silent auction and much more. For more details please visit

In addition many of our amazing board members have generously contributed towards DBA by hosting numerous smaller fundraising events such as steeped tea  sales, popcorn sales, garage sales, employee match programs and personal donations 


Help Those In Need

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Help cure an orphaned Blood Disorder! ” 
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